• Son Grau Gran, Gargollassa

    This autoctonous variety aged in barrel for 10 months reflects the particularities of the estate and the vintage. Nice cherry color of medium intensity. Rich in fresh red fruit with balsamic and floral notes. It presents a light and fresh structure with a long and balanced finish in the mouth.
  • Son Grau Gran, Escursac

    Made from the Escursac variety, aged for 6 months in barrels. Bright cherry color wine, aromas of red fruits and fresh fruit. Light in structure, but with great balance and personality.
  • Son Grau Gran, Rosé

    Rosé wine made from Gargollassa variety and direct pressing. Pale color with aromas of citrus, fresh fruit, and balsamic notes. Full-bodied wine in the mouth, good acidity, and a long finish.
  • Son Grau Gran, Blanc

    Pale white wine with golden reflections. Its mineral character and dried flower bouquet stand out as the main aromas. It is a fresh, elegant and structured wine with a long finish.
  • The harvest

    It is done in the optimum moment with a meticulous selection process led in the field. Small boxes are used, thus ensuring that the grapes arrive intact to the winery.
  • Wines

    Elegant wines, low alcohol percentage, great personality, and aging potential.
  • The production process

    It is simple but very careful process. The red grape is destemmed without breaking the grain and then falls naturally into the vat. During fermentation it is punched gently each day until light pressing.