• Terroir

    There are deep soils of calcareous clays with gravels in the highest areas. The ideal terroir for the development of the native varieties Gargollassa and Escursac.
  • Viticulture

    Organic cultivation. Between the harvest and the end of pruning, the sheep enter the vineyard which helps to control the grass and provides organic matter.
  • Climate

    Classic Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers with rains in spring and autumn. Thanks to orography, the farm is protected from the storms that come in from the Tramuntana. In winter, there may be the occasional snowfall.
  • Gargollassa and Escursac

    Vineyard consisting of 4.2 ha. distributed between these two minority indigenous varieties of the island. They are characterized by not being very productive and of low alcohol content, but elegant and of great finesse.
  • “Sa Cometa” Plot

    One of our plots where the gargollassa grape expresses itself in its essence. This variety acquires its characteristic reddish tones in autumn.